Body & Room Spray Aqua Awakening – Lemon Lime


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Aqua Awakening body and room spray is designed for energising you. Our Lemon Lime blend is filled with citrus notes for a burst of freshness. The hint of basil and bamboo in this blend gives a touch of the exotic and proves to be popular.

Each bottle contains a crystal infusion, carefully designed to support you vibrationally for healing, cleansing and calming benefits. For a continuous, energy infusion within the liquid, we integrate the actual crystals into our body/room sprays.

As a body spray, use little around you for personal benefits. As a room spray use around an entire room!

Choose your size 120ml, 60ml, 15ml.

Presented by Infused Crystals

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15ml $9.95, 60ml $14.95, 120ml $19.95


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