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The Secret Yogic Recipes of Mysore, India.

Unlike other cookbooks, Sandhya encourages us to simply make wholesome foods with loving intentions by advising readers to follow mitahara (moderate diet) and to eat light, healthy and unadulterated foods.

Mysore Style Cooking includes over 60 of these much treasured recipes as well as over 70 full page color images, interspersed with personal stories and images of life in Mysore. To bring you these wonderful recipes Ms V. Sandhya has delved deeply into her treasure trove of family recipes, some of which span generations. The food is simple, delicious and Ayurvedically designed to be balanced. If you are a yogi following the sattvic (pure) path in your diet regime, these delicious recipes will satisfy even the most devout practitioner.

For those that wish to embark on an adventure through the South Indian cuisine they will also be very pleasantly surprised. This is South Indian cuisine at its best and you will find yourself referring to it over and over as your appreciation for these wonderful recipes grows.

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