Aerial Yoga Hammock


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Multi-functional anti-gravity aerial yoga hammock made with high-intensity parachute fabric. Features large and comfortable, lightweight and breathable fabric, with triple height adjustment.

Use it to decompress the spinal cord and enhance the strength of the upper limbs.

Use not only as an aerial yoga hammock, but also as a swing chair. Take the longest part of the middle out independently, and hang it on the tree and use it as an ordinary hammock.

Material: 210T nylon taffta (also called parachute cloth)

Expansion screw rings material: 304 stainless steel

Extension belt material: high-strength polyester

Size: 250cm x 150cm

Net weight: about 1250g

Load Capacity: 300kg

Ships in 13 – 20 days

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 cm

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