LovEarth Charcoal Travel Yoga Mat 2mm

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The 2mm pure Binchotan Charcoal LovEarth Travel Yoga Mat.

• Coloured with Binchotan Charcoal – superb, purifying and clean. Most black mats are coloured with Carbon Black (look it up – definitely not cool).

• No PVC, PER or TPE because these are dangerous for environment and YOU

• Made from Natural Tree Rubber and Jute

• Fully biodegradable

• Non-slip super sticky cross hatch surface

• Chemical Free

Purchase a LovEarth Natural Jute carry bag for just $10 extra.

Ships in 3 – 10 days.

Additional information

Dimensions173 × 61 × 0.2 cm
Made From:

Natural tree rubber and Jute.

Cleaning Instructions:

Keep your LovEarth Yoga Mat away from direct sunlight.

Spray with water and wipe down after each use. You can also wash this mat in the washing machine.

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