Organic Kapok Yoga Bolster


New stock mid September. Back orders are welcome.

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Organic kapok yoga bolster by Yoga King is constructed with a durable organic cotton outer and densely filled with environmentally friendly kapok (described below) – they are both durable and attractive. The outer cover is removable and features an inconspicuous but strong and good quality zip for ease of removal, while the inner lining is calico. The entire bolster is expertly stitched and has a beautiful overall finish.

They are 73cm long, 23cm in diameter and weigh a solid but practical 2.4 kg. We firmly fill all the bolsters with kapok which is a natural fiber that has the benefits of being water resistant and environmentally friendly. The bolsters are firm and supportive while still retaining the comfort or an all natural product.

Yoga King organic kapok yoga bolster are available in a variety of gorgeous colours and will compliment any colour scheme.

Ships in 5-10 days

Additional information

Weight2.4 kg
Dimensions73 × 23 × 23 cm

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