Purple Tesla Pendant

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Wearing a Purple Tesla Pendant can assist in:

•  Protecting oneself against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment
•  Protecting from EMR-producing equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc.
•  Used to enhance the energy of water
•  Assist in a person’s ability to heal
•  For an overall increase in physical energy

Tesla Pendants act as receivers or transmitters of energy.  They were developed in 1970’s by Ralph Bergstresser inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla a man credited by such inventions as alternating current (AC), x-rays, and florescent lighting.

The aluminum of the Purple Pendant has been molecularly altered to create a positive energy field, which will penetrate whatever it is close to. Once the structure of the atoms of the aluminum have been altered, they will remain in that condition – possibly indefinitely.

The life-force energy of the plates can be measured by radionic equipment. When using this measurement, the energy level of an individual who has begun to work on him/ herself might oscillate (or vibate) around 25,000 cycles a second. When this person holds a purple plate, the reading immediately increases to 90,000- 95,000 cycles a second. It will not remain at that level, but with continual use of the plate, it will slowly increase to a steady 100,000 cycles per second.

Ways to Use Your Purple Tesla Pendant

•  Wear as a pendant around your neck
•  Place in your purse or wallet
•  In your pocket
•  In each of your shoes
•  On the back of your mobile phone

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3.9cm diameter

1 review for Purple Tesla Pendant

  1. frankmed (verified owner)

    I received this pendant today. On the same afternoon, i brought it with me and had a headache (personal cause) and went into the computer to go to the web and my neck has been soar for quite a while now sitting infront of the screen.
    So i grab this disk and put it under my headphone for the headpain. Started to slowly relax my body and im was starting to control the tension and, 2 minutes later I was able to bend my neck slowly to REMOVE the stiffness the same time relax. It usually very painful to crack it so it gets back to place so i do it very quick but now, being relax, i did it so slow without even reacting to the tension to put my neck back. Now feel so my better, breath better, and the stiff neck removed since days ago.
    While Im writing this, it is still in my head and my headache is like almost healed now. Im sorry if the English is not the best, but yeah my neck and head is almost fine now.
    Peace and Love, Kind regards,

  2. Yoga Bazaar

    Hi Frank, we are really happy that you have relief from pain from using the tesla pendant. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope other people will give the pendant a try for their personal pain issues. These pendants are excellent to protect the body from electromagnetic radiation too. Thanks from Lakshmi and the team.

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