Recycled Plastic Big Shopper Bag


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Environmentally friendly product – Made of RPET (recycled drink bottles)

The perfect bag for the big family shop or anything really, the uses are endless once you own one of these handy bags! The Big Shopper folds up neatly into a small square when not in use to keep in your handbag, the glove compartment of your car, it even looks great hanging on a wall or door in the kitchen. Pop one in your suitcase to use on holiday as your beach bag, handy for the kids toys, market of just the everyday shop. The Big Shopper opens up simply and quickly and is structured to make your job of filling it with ease!

Handle length designed to hold or pop over your shoulder

Designer’s notes:

My friends and family now have a saying ’’gotta love the big shopper’s!’’, even I have been amazed at the practicality of this bag.

•  Camping – we line up our food stores for easy access

•  Hobbies – contain everything in one bag to grab and go

•  Travelling – a fab reserve bag, beach bag or daily bag for shopping

•  Visiting friends – throw all you need in, wine, nibbles, gifts, jacket and just grab it to go and grab it to leave!

•  I personally do my weekly shop with 2-3 Big Shoppers and get comments every time at the checkout. I love that I just grab it all from the car to the kitchen to unpack.

•  I also use mine as an overnight bag, just throw in the essentials and I’m sorted.

•  I also use a Big Shopper to go to the office everyday, I pop in the laptop bag, lunch and any other bits and off I go!

Additional information


Size (open): 45cm x 40cm x 18cm
Size (folded): 14cm x 14cm

Made From:

RPET (recycled drink bottles)

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